Free Rituals & Remedies for your Soul Planet (Atma Karaka)

According to the Vedic philosophy, a soul is reborn because it has desires that were left unfulfilled in its previous lives and it’s born again to get another opportunity to satisfy it.

What are these desires and will they be fulfilled? Or will you find them challenging to manage? This is all revealed by the Soul Planet.

This planet and its placement in your chart provide great insight into areas of life that your soul needs to advance. It also shows areas of bondage and potential for liberation. Interesting, right?

The soul planet is the ‘King’ of your kingdom and can often be responsible for the larger, recurring themes in your life and can either balance out negative effects of other planets or stand in the way of them doing good.

The extent that you are in touch with your true self, your personality traits and aspirations are all revealed by the Soul Planet.

When we are aligned with what our Soul Planet wants us to do - then we can succeed. When we are not in alignment with it, then times can be challenging.

Download your Free Rituals & Remedies for your Soul Planet Report (Atma Karaka) now to honor, respect and align with your Soul Planet so you can Succeed.

In addition to the rituals and remedies the report will include: your Soul Planet name, the significance of your Soul Planet and the life lessons it’s asking you to learn, the house and the zodiac information about your Soul Planet.

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