Powerful Days to Donate

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Dhaan or Donation is considered as one of the BEST remedies in Vedic Astrology.

It is the best way to pay our karmic debts without expecting anything in return. Saturn is the lord of Karma and he keeps an account of the debts we have incurred from all our lifetimes.

By voluntarily and lovingly donating to those in need you can pay your karmic debts. Dānam (pronounced as Daanam), is the Sanskrit word for charity or donation.

“Living creatures get influenced through dānam, Enemies lose hostility through dānam, A stranger may become a loved one through dānam, Vices are killed by dānam.”
— A Hindu Proverb

Every day is a good day to donate, but there are certain days where it is considered even more auspicious and powerful to donate.

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